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Multirib™ is a medium height, long run roofing and cladding profile designed primarily for industrial and commercial applications. Multirib™ is also suited for roofing applications on low pitch residential projects.Multirib™ provides numerous benefits to the architect, including clean lines and innovative design features offering superior strength and spanning capability over similar profiles. Installed as roofing and cladding on many of New Zealand’s larger scale projects, Multirib™ exhibits equally impressive aesthetics when used in a traditional profile shape, or alternatively, as “reverse run” as an option for wall cladding ensuring the building designer only has to concern themselves with one roof and cladding profile.Applications
  • For industrial and commercial roofing
    and cladding projects where both high
    spanning and a low pitch is required
  • Residential roofing
  • Industrial and commercial horizontal and
    vertical cladding in both standard and
    reverse run applications
  • Rural and lifestyle roofing and cladding
  • Drape curving
Roof PitchThe minimum pitch for Multirib™ is 3° (1 in 20). Materials
  • Zincalume® Steel: .40 mm BMT or .55 mm BMT, AZ150
    (150gm/m2) G550 Mpa Yield Stress
  • Galvanised Steel: .40 mm BMT or .55 mm BMT, Z450 (450gm/ m2) G550 Mpa Yield Stress Pre-painted
  • Colorcote or Colorsteel® over Zincalume® .40 mm BMT or .55 mm BMT, AZ150 (150gm/m2), G550 Mpa Yield Stress Prepainted
  • Colorcote or Colorsteel® over Galvanised Steel: .40 mm BMT or .55 mm BMT ZM275 (275gm/m2) G550 Mpa Yield Stress


Multideck profile


  • Convex ribs provide strength and water run-off away from the fixings
  • Twin capillary breaks on the lap
  • Purpose designed leg provides support to the underlap
  • Steeply angled ribs provide superior strength and aesthetics
  • Installers feet fit neatly in the pan thereby avoiding damage to the ribs
  • Can be “reverse run” and the swage removed for use as a wall cladding
  • Lap can be altered in the reverse run process to ensure improved aesthetics and water tightness
  • Excellent water carrying capacity
  • Equally impressive for both roofing and cladding applications
  • Superior spanning at low roof pitch
  • Supported by Wind and Concentrated Load Span Design graphs derived from extensive industry test rig trials

OUR PRODUCTS We use Colorcote as our main pre-fabricated steel.
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